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        • Extra Strong (22+ mg/g)
        • Strong (16-21 mg/g)
        • Medium (10-15 mg/g)
        • Light (4-9 mg/g)
        • Nicotine Free
        Pouch Size
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          8 mg/g
          Nixs Bergamot Tobacco nicotine pouches stockholm snus shop snusbutik nicotine pouch nicopods order online cheap

          NIXS Bergamot Tobacco

          3.70 16.90 

          NIXS Bergamot Tobacco: Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouches

          NIXS Bergamot Tobacco offers a well-balanced alternative to snus, but with zero tobacco! Delivering a traditional snus taste that is infused with sweet citrusy bergamot in refreshingly moist all-white nicotine pouches.

          NIXS Bergamot Tobacco comes in large pouches and offers a clean snusing experience with no runniness!

          NIXS Bergamot Tobacco is a medium-strength nicopod with 8 mg/g nicotine content.

          NIXS (Sometimes called N!XS) is available in an assortment of flavors and strengths. Check out the full NIXS range!

          Want to learn more about NIXS?

          The NIXS nicotine pouch range is produced by Microzero AB in Gothenburg Sweden.

          10 mg/g
          shiro virginia classic all white slim stockholm snus shop snusbutik quit stop no nicotine pouches nicopods tobacco free order online cheap all white

          Shiro Virginia Classic

          3.33 out of 5
          (3 customer reviews)
          4.50 39.90 

          Shiro Virginia Classic Nicotine Pouches

          Shiro Virginia Classic mimics the classic taste of tobacco with an added natural sweetness. And yet, it contains no tobacco whatsover!

          Shiro Virginia Classic was the first All-White product on the market to imbue a taste of tobacco into its pouches.

          Shiro Virginia Classic’s pouches are slim-sized and just barely moist to the touch. Expect long-lasting taste in spite of its compact and discreet form factor!

          The name Shiro means “white” in Japanese – aptly describing the pure nature of the Shiro All-White nicotine pouch range.

          Each can contains 24 discreet slim-size pouches and nicotine content of 10 mg/g.

          0 mg/g
          Zero Nito Stark strong tobacco free nicotine free stockholm snus shop snusbutik order online cheap

          Zeronito Stark (Strong)

          3.04 out of 5
          (266 customer reviews)
          0.28 19.90 

          Zeronito Stark Tobacco-Free Snus

          Zeronito Stark is a nicotine-free and tobacco-free snus that is well suited to those planning to quit smoking or reduce their nicotine consumption.

          Zeronito Stark mimics the taste of real snus in large full-bodied pouches.

          Zeronito is available in an assortment of flavors. Check out the full Zeronito range!

          Eager to learn more about Zeronito?

          The Zeronito range is produced by Microzero AB in Gothenburg Sweden.