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        • Extra Strong (22+ mg/g)
        • Strong (16-21 mg/g)
        • Medium (10-15 mg/g)
        • Light (4-9 mg/g)
        • Nicotine Free
        Pouch Size
          • Large
          • Slim
          • Mini
          • Loose

          Grov Portion

          3.00 out of 5
          (1 customer review)
          4.80 42.90 

          Grov Portion has a dark tobacco taste with notes of geranium and dried herbs, along with hints of almonds, wood and tar.

          This snus comes in full sized original pouches that are moist on the surface for a quick and strong flavor release.

          Grov is known for its clear and traditional tobacco flavor. It is very popular in amongst the hardy northern Swedes.

          Just as the name suggests, Grov Portion is a coarser snus, and is the obvious choice for those who want a little more of a gritty sensation under their lips. Its robust and rounded tobacco flavor allows you to feel the tones of wood and leather, but the taste also carries a certain nuttiness and sweetness in a beautifully well balanced combination.

          The pouches used have been modified with a more porous texture for an even more intimate tobacco experience.

          Grov Snus quickly became popular in the 19th century and is still manufactured today, following a recipe that is more than 100 years old.

          The brand was first manufactured in Norrland, northern Sweden before snus giant Swedish Match took over production, now taking place in southern Sweden.

          14 mg/g

          Nick & Johnny Green Ice Portion

          4.80 22.50 

          Nick & Johnny Green Ice Slim White has a light tobacco character with elements of peppermint and spearmint. The snus comes in slim portions optimized for a discreet and comfortable fit.

          Its pouches are slim, white and somewhat dry on the surface but with moist content for a lasting taste release.

          8 mg/g
          Offroad Frosted Portion

          Offroad Frosted Portion

          3.20 27.90 

          Offroad Frosted Portion has a rich and long-lasting mint flavor with an undeniable peppery burn. It is an affordably priced snus, and as of October 2019 comes in larger 13g cans.

          16 mg/g
          Thunder Frosted Portion

          Thunder Frosted Portion

          3.08 out of 5
          (296 customer reviews)
          2.85 3.30 

          Thunder Frosted Portion has a intense minty taste while still emulating a classic snus experience. It is a relatively strong snus with 16mg/g and comes in classic large size pouches.

          Enjoy the traditional snus experience with large size portions and the quality tobacco Swedish snus is known for.

          A popular product brought to fame by its original producer V2, which unfortunately is now available in fewer varieties due to its recent acquisition by snus giant Swedish Match.


          12 mg/g
          zyn apple mint slim stockholm snus shop snusbutik quit stop no nicotine pouches nicopods tobacco free order online cheap all white

          ZYN Apple Mint Slim

          5.00 out of 5
          (1 customer review)
          0.44 1.85 

          ZYN Apple Mint Slim delivers a crisp apple taste with minty tones and a cool aroma of vanilla.

          Free from tobacco, but a nicotine content of 12 mg/g. The ZYN range is sometimes also branded as a Nicotine Pouch.

          16 mg/g
          zyn deep freeze slim strong stockholm snus shop snusbutik quit stop no nicotine pouches nicopods tobacco free order online cheap all white

          ZYN Deep Freeze Slim Strong

          4.40 18.50 

          ZYN Deep Freeze Slim Strong Nicotine Pouches

          Feel The Frostbite

          ZYN Deep Freeze Slim Strong, the powerful nicotine pouch that hits like a blizzard!

          ZYN Deep Freeze Slim Strong delivers a captivating chilling sensation under your lip, with complements of refreshing menthol and eucalyptus flavors.

          ZYN Deep Freeze Slim Strong is the most extreme offering in Swedish Match’s extensive ZYN range. Its all-white pouches unleash a whopping 16 mg/g of nicotine inside each slim-size portion. It’s so strong that Swedish Match had to expand their four-point strength scale, making Deep Freeze their first five on the strength meter!

          And of course, all ZYN products are completely tobacco-free.

          4 mg/g
          zyn spearmint mini dry stockholm snus shop snusbutik quit stop no nicotine pouches nicopods tobacco free order online cheap all white

          ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry

          4.40 18.50 

          ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry is a classic in the ZYN range. It has a sweet, round and full flavor of spearmint along with fresh hints peppermint and menthol. It gives a fresh sense of awareness and and sits coolly under your lip.

          ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry is tobacco-free, but contains a low nicotine content of 4 mg/g. The ZYN range is sometimes also branded as a Nicotine Pouch.