Loose or Lös Snus are a variety of snus that comes without pouches. It a loose form of tobacco that is wet, runny, and quite flavorful. Loose snus is the most traditional format for snus products, but is no longer the most popular, and is recommended for aficionados with enthusiasm for a more intimate snusing experience.

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          Ettan Lössnus

          0.58 5.15 

          Ettan Lös is one of Sweden’s oldest snus brands and has largely not changed its recipe since 1822 when it was created by snus manufacturer Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf. The traditional tobacco flavor is slightly milder, which makes its complimenting smoky aroma shine through. It also possesses notes of dried grass, tar and malt. A hint of dark chocolate can also shine through. Ettan Lös is rich and robust in its taste experience.

          Previously Ettan was manufactured by the snus manufacturer Ljunglöf, but in recent years Swedish Match has taken over production. However, the high production values remain unchanged!

          General Extra Stark Lössnus

          5.90 50.40 

          General Extra Strong Lös is a stronger variant than the original. With its rich and spicy tobacco flavor, where you will also find hints of citrus, spiced bergamot, tea, dried grass and leather. The combination of spicy and acidic makes the snus very well balanced. General Extra Strong Lös is a loose snus that is lightly baked and so smoothly forms a neatly sealed pouch with an extra hit of nicotine!

          General is one of the world’s largest snus brands and is sold in huge quantities in Sweden and around Europe. A popular brand since the end of the 19th century and even today.

          8 mg/g

          General Lössnus

          2.00 out of 5
          (3 customer reviews)
          0.59 51.90 

          General Lös has become a real classic in the snus world. One of the world’s largest snus brands sold in huge quantities in Sweden and around Europe. The original recipe from 1866 was, and still is, a tightly held secret.

          The snus has a spicy and full-bodied tobacco flavor with hints of bergamot, tea, dried grass and leather. The combination of spicy and acidic makes the snus very well balanced. General Lös is a loose snus that is delicately baked and smoothly formed into perfectly sealed pouches. General snus has set the standard for what snus should be, both in Sweden and the rest of the world.

          Islay Whisky Lös

          2.58 out of 5
          (1288 customer reviews)
          6.30 59.00 

          Islay Whisky Lös is a loose snus with a clear and pure taste of whiskey and tobacco.

          Islay Whiskey Snus was born in December 2013 and since then the company has worked hard to produce a loose snus. Now, several years later, the company can happily present a new product that lives up to its original vision – A loose snus imbued with an undeniable whisky flavor. The tobacco used in this special snus was prepared in specially designed heating rooms instead of pasteurized, which resulted in a cleaner and clearer taste. The snus is packaged in an impressively refined metal container with a premium feel.

          Knox Dark Lös

          3.38 out of 5
          (103 customer reviews)
          4.80 41.90 

          Knox Dark Lös Snus is a fuller and more intense loose snus with a clear smoky aftertaste.

          The snus is designed to give a taste of classic traditional snus, and is therefore slightly wetter than most other modern snus.

          8 mg/g

          Knox Lös Snus

          2.14 out of 5
          (7 customer reviews)
          0.48 41.90 

          Knox Lös is a loose snus from Skruf that has a distinct tobacco taste with elements of bergmott and sour citrus.

          This particular combination maintains the traditional tobacco flavor that snus fans know well.

          Röda Lacket Lössnus

          2.60 out of 5
          (20 customer reviews)
          6.00 55.00 

          Röda Lacket Lös has been on the Swedish snus scene for a long time! It is an old-fashioned loose snus with a taste that has elements of fruit. The tobacco is relatively mild and does not burn very strongly. Röda Lacket is known for being easy to bake, which is due to it being a very fine-grained snus.

          Skruf Stark Lössnus

          5.90 51.90 

          Skruf Stark Lös has a somewhat mild tobacco flavor that is 100% organic and is accompanied by the traditional flavors of citrus, bergamot and rose oil. The nicotine content is 12 mg/g.

          8 mg/g

          Smålands Brukssnus Lös

          2.08 out of 5
          (13 customer reviews)
          4.50 36.50 

          Smålands Brukssnus Lös is a classic loose snus with all the spirit of Småland in southern Sweden. It Has a pure tobacco flavor and a fine texture that makes for a smooth baking experience during production. Smålands Brukssnus is a low-price snus variety from the same people behind the Skruf range!