EU Ban on Snus

Snus in Relation to Other Popular Tobacco Products

Sweden has long tradition of the use of a variety of smokeless tobacco known as snus. Snus differs greatly from other smokeless tobacco options such as snuff, which is inhaled through the nose, and oral chewing tobacco. The experience of using snus is as simple as tucking it under your upper lip and letting the pouch do its thing.

Snus is neither chewed nor inhaled, but is classified as an oral tobacco product in much the same manner as chewing tobacco, despite some marked differences. When using snus, the nicotine is absorbed though the mouth and then carried into the blood stream. However, unlike cigarettes which can result in disturbing passive smog and chewing tobacco which needs to be spat out in not-quite-so-modest a fashion, snus is a more discreet form of oral smokeless tobacco which does not interfere with the well-being of anybody else except the user.

The Reason for The EU Snus Ban

In 1995 Sweden became part of EU. But in 1992, EU had already banned all oral tobacco products, specifically targeting snus. Since Sweden had a long history of snus usage, it was granted exemption from this ban. What this meant was that while Sweden could manufacture and sell snus to its citizens it could not legally sell it to other EU countries.

The motivation for the ban was perceived to be with the best intentions, as the growing evidence we see today for snus as a harm-reduction alternative to smoking and other oral tobacco products was not common knowledge at the time the ban was implemented.

Can You Buy Snus Online From Sweden?

It is illegal for any website to sell snus online to other EU countries. It can only be ordered locally in Sweden and online outside the European Union, once again depending on the destination country’s snus and/or tobacco laws.

Meanwhile the European Commission has agreed to look into the ban since the Swedish government has asked it to. As of yet, there have been no updates that may indicate that the ban may be lifted or modified.

Well Can We Buy Nicotine Pouches Online From Sweden?

Nicotine Pouches (sometimes called Nicopods or All White Snus) are a relatively new product designed to cater to snus users and smokers looking to pursue harm-reduction practices in order to satify their nicotine needs. Nicotine Pouches are not impacted by the EU Snus Ban. Nicotine pouches were only introduced to the Swedish Market in 2018, so they have not yet been targeted by legislative changes to impact their circulation in most countries, and this may or may not change. offers nicotine pouches to a number of destinations worldwide. See here if your country is elligible.