Ban on Swedish snus still valid: EU Advocate General

An attempt by a Swedish snus producer to challenge legislation banning the sale of the oral tobacco product in the European Union has been dealt a blow after an EU Advocate General concluded that the restrictions are still valid.
A tub of Swedish snus. Photo: Isabell Höjman/TT
A tub of Swedish snus. Photo: Isabell Höjman/TT
More popular than cigarettes in Sweden, snus is a moist tobacco product either bought loose or in small parcels and placed under the lip. Its export to and sale within other EU countries is banned, and the EU has consistently opted to maintain that restriction, with Sweden granted an exception and allowed to sell the product within its borders.

The Swedish favourite has made headlines in the UK in recent weeks after it emerged that it has become a popular product among Premier League footballers, with players for top clubs reportedly using the tobacco that is illegal to buy in England.

Snus producer Swedish Match unsuccessfully attempted to challenge the rules restricting sales and exports in 2004. It has since launched a challenge against UK laws preventing the sale of tobacco for oral use according the EU’s 2014 Tobacco Directive, arguing that the EU legislature failed to “take into account development in scientific knowledge” on tobacco products since earlier rulings.